The Project

Through the I.M.A.G.I.N.E. project (IMAGINATION and MOTIVATION through ART and GAME in INTERACTION with your NEARBY ENVIRONMENT), partners wish to propose to beneficiary students a reflection on their immediate life environment. Mankind transformed the planet by creating cities and villages. History can be read through those urban spaces than mankind has continuously modified. The project goal is to produce an interactive game on the theme of the city in the form of a treasure hunt enriched with new technologies (QR codes, tablets, applications). This game will propose paths to discover partner cities' heritage while tackling different themes. 

Through its six different themes (1. Heritage / Places of Power / Places of Exchange; 2. Gastronomy; 3. Cultural Venues; 4. Sporting venues; 5. Nature / Landscape / My Environment; 6. Unusual signage) and its contents, the project has the ambition to develop among beneficiary pupils a broad knowledge on various topics. They will have the occasion to get familiar with their heritage and those of the partner cities. They will also acquire many geographical competences such as on urban/rural contrasts or the ability to orientate themselves in a unknown environment. Their awareness will be raised on urban art and its different aspects and they will refine their cultural sensitivity by discovering different urban cultural trends and synthesising them with digital images. They will finally be sensistised to environment and natural/cultural heritage protection.